Community Acupuncture

Affordable and effective acupuncture sessions provided in a group setting. Designed for general wellness, stress relief, and preventative health maintenance. Each patient will receive a treatment protocol that will focus on the health of the body, mind, and emotional aspect of the whole person.

Every Tuesday & Thursday @1pm – Acupuncture Siesta

Every Wednesday & Friday @6pm – Acupuncture Happy Hour

Maximize your wellness care by joining our Community Acupuncture sessions offered several times a week. These midday rests and evening refreshers offer valuable moments to rejuvenate and enhance well-being.

I wish all of you, your family, and our community good health.  I look forward to helping you get well and stay well.

Treatment Protocols

Harmonizing Point Combinations

Your practitioner will make a general pulse diagnosis for the group, and craft a treatment protocol to harmonize any patterns of disharmony found on the pulses. Points combinations on the arms, hands, lower legs, feet, and/or head may be selected to address any imbalances found on the pulses that will benefit the whole group. Treatments will be aimed towards relieving stress/tension, improving energy and vitality, and calming the mind/spirit to be more present and still.


The NADA 5-needle protocol is used in a community acupuncture setting, points on the outer ear are stimulated in order to affect the body and mind. The ear can be used to represent the entire body as demonstrated in reflexology. The ear is highly dense in nerves and by stimulating these precise points certain areas of the brain are regulated. The NADA 5-needle protocol for auricular acupuncture is widely used for reducing stress, calming the mind, improving sleep, promoting inner quiet and strength, substance abuse/detoxification, and coping with emotional trauma.

Global Balance

Based on Acupuncture Channel Theory, 8 points on the arms and legs are selected to restore balance along yin/yang pairs of acupuncture channels that cover various regions of the body. The proper movement of energy and blood flow are restored along those areas that are covered by those channels. Global balance treatments can be useful for relieving stress and tension effecting various areas of the body, improve digestion, insomnia, fatigue, calming the mind, reduce anxiety, and maintaining wellness throughout the body and mind.

(Each session is 30 mins for the actual treatment, but you can expect the total time of your visit to be about an hour.)


$300/package of 10 sessions

*Please wear loose fitting clothes that can be rolled up past the knees and elbows, as most points will be on the lower legs and arms.

**Please silence all phones and keep voices to a whisper.