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Dr. Lee has been in private practice since 2008 and has over 15 years of clinical experience. His father, a Doctor of Naturopathy and an apprentice of acupuncture introduced him to Oriental medicine. He is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a National Board Certified Licensed Acupuncturist by the Virginia Board of Medicine.

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Dr. Newton Lee, DOM, LAc, Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM)

Dr. Lee graduated from James Madison University, where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. He received his Master’s degree in Acupuncture (MAc) from the acclaimed Tai Sophia Institute, the very first accredited graduate school for acupuncture in the U.S. established over 40 years ago. He went on to obtain a Doctorate in Oriental Medicine (DOM) at Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH).

He has studied under many established practitioners with origins from all over the world including China, Korea, Japan, France, Russia and Italy. He is also trained in NADA acupuncture detoxification for substance abuse recovery, and was the NADA Supervisor for the Prince William County Community Services Board. He worked as the Associate Dean of Clinic at Virginia University of Integrative Medicine (VUIM), and has also taught at the university.

Acupuncture is a medical science and a healing art, and as an art it has many styles. Dr. Lee is trained in various styles of acupuncture and uses an integration of Classical Five-Element Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Tan’s Balance Method, and Master Tung Acupuncture in order to achieve the best results for his patients.

He is committed to the ultimate safety and comfort of his patients at all times. The needs of each patient are at the forefront in determining treatment strategies, as each treatment is tailored to the individual. Dr. Lee truly enjoys helping patients get better and stay better. He treats every patient with compassion and non-judgment.

Treatment Areas
  • Pain Management
  • Stress Management
  • Mental-Emotional Health
  • Chronic Disorders
  • Complex difficult to treat conditions with no clear cause
Treatment Styles
  • Five-Element Classical Acupuncture
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Dr. Tan’s Balance Method
  • NADA 5-Needle Protocol
  • Tuina Asian Bodywork
  • Cupping Massage
  • TDP Infrared Heat Therapy
  • Eastern Nutrition
Professional Degrees and Certifications
  • Doctorate in Oriental Medicine (DOM)
  • Master’s degree in Acupuncture (MAc)
  • Virginia Board of Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc)
  • National Board Certified Diplomate in Acupuncture (Dipl.Ac.)
  • National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist
  • Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (CCAOM) Clean Needle Technique
Professional Affiliations
  • Member, Acupuncture Society of Virginia (ASVA)
  • Member, American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM)
  • Former NADA Supervisor, Prince William County Community Services Board
  • Former Associate Dean of Clinic, Virginia University of Integrative Medicine (VUIM)

Harmony Integrative Health - Dr. Khatira Safari

Dr. Safari is a practitioner of acupuncture licensed by the Virginia Board of Medicine and National Board Certified. She received her Master’s of Science degree in Acupuncture (MSA) and went on to obtain her Doctorate in Acupuncture (DAc) from Virginia University of Integrative Medicine.

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Dr. Khatira Safari, DAc, LAc, Dipl.Ac.

Dr. Safari has an acupuncture practice that provides a variety of health services. In addition to traditional acupuncture treatments, she also specializes in Cosmetic Acupuncture services to promote facial rejuvenation and enhance natural beauty.  Her professional treatment improves blood circulation, tightens sagging skin, reduces wrinkles, and promotes a youthful glow. She provides a holistic approach to cosmetic enhancement and utilizes a full range of diagnostic tools and clinical training to recommend and administer a wide range of effective treatment options in patient care.

Dr. Safari is passionate about delivering specialized treatment plans that focus on client needs.  Her expertise in natural, non-invasive healthcare ignites the body’s ability to heal and revitalize without introducing harmful non-organic medicines and chemicals.

Outside of the clinic, Dr. Safari is a busy mom of 3 boys who always keep her on her toes. She enjoys spending quality time with her family, whether it’s traveling, hiking, or watching a movie. And whenever she gets ‘alone’ time, it usually entails yoga, exercise, catching up with friends, or continuously expanding her knowledge in Acupuncture.

Treatment Styles
  • Traditional Acupuncture
  • Cosmetic Acupuncture
  • Women’s Health
Cosmetic Services
*For full descriptions visit my website:

  • Cosmetic Acupuncture – Face & Neck
    • Facial Needling
    • Facial Cupping
    • Facial GuaSha
  • Microneedling – Collagen Induction Therapy
  • Microneedling for Hair loss
  • Dermarolling
  • Red Light Therapy
    • Acne Treatment
    • Facial Rejuvenation
Professional Degrees and Certifications
  • Doctorate in Acupuncture (DAc)
  • Master’s of Science in Acupuncture (MSA)
  • Virginia Board of Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc)
  • National Board Certified Diplomate in Acupuncture (Dipl.Ac.)

True Peace Acupuncture - Haewon (Anna) Kwun

Haewon Anna Kwun is a licensed and Board-certified acupuncturist in Maryland and Virginia. She has extensive treatment experience and has worked with a variety of patients in the US and South Korea.

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Haewon (Anna) Kwun, MAc, LAc

Anna grew up in a large family in South Korea and was raised by grandparents who loved to read books and teach her about nature during their travels together. Seeing her grandparents age and develop new diseases saddened her, and she always wanted to help them. This inspired her to read books on both Western and Eastern medicine from the age of 10, as she was always fascinated by how the human body works and its mysterious creation. She researched and studied herbs and nutrition as alternative medicines. Anna earned a Master of Science in Acupuncture from Virginia University of Integrative Medicine (VUIM). After graduation from VUIM, she had the opportunity to intern at the International Education Institute of Korean Medicine at Kyung Hee University. One of her therapeutic methods involves using nutrition for each patient, leading her to study at Harvard Medical School’s Executive Education program in Nutrition.

Anna’s primary focus has been treating and studying various conditions, including pain management for all ages, stress management, insomnia, muscular pain, headaches, pre- and post-back surgery conditions, joint pain, pre- and post-partum body pain, cancer pain management, women’s health conditions, pediatric acupressure, alternative therapies, and
chronic and acute diseases.

Depending on her patient’s conditions, she uses various techniques alongside acupuncture, such as heat therapy, acupressure, gua sha, cupping, and tuina.

Anna loves listening to her patients and caring for them. In her free time, she enjoys hiking with family and friends, reading books, cooking healthy foods, sharing meals, and playing the piano, violin, and vibraphone.

Treatment Styles
  • Whole Body Acupuncture
    • Experience full relaxation for the entire body during the treatment of your main health concerns.
  • General Acupuncture
    • These sessions are focused primarily on your main health concerns. 
  • Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture
    • Facial cosmetic acupuncture is a beauty treatment to naturally improve the skin and fight the aging process.
Treatment Techniques
  • Acupuncture
  • Acupressure
  • Auriculotherapy
  • Cupping
  • Gua Sha
  • Tui Na Manipulation
  • Crystal Heat Therapy
  • Infrared Light Therapy
  • Nutritional Counseling
Professional Degrees and Certifications
  • Master’s of Science in Acupuncture (MAc)
  • Virginia Board of Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc)
  • National Board Certified Diplomate in Acupuncture (Dipl.Ac.)
  • Korean medicine training program at International Education Institute of Korean medicine Kyung Hee University 2023 – Certification
  • Harvard Medical School, Executive Education of Nutrition – Certification

Doctors of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with advanced training in various styles of acupuncture

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Doctors of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with advanced training in various styles of acupuncture